Minnesota Man Holds Methamphetamine “Death Party” for Dying Wife

Brown County Sheriff's Office
Duane Johnson is being charged in the death of his wife after methamphetamine “death party”—Brown County Sheriff's Office

I think the title speaks for itself on this one. Let’s say “lacking judgement” is the theme throughout much of the weird, strange, and unusual things that have happened during the drug crisis. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that when dealing with addicts, they’re not thinking clearly, are lacking judgement, and work mainly in illogical things. Since drugs are a solution to a problem for them and they’ll do absolutely anything necessary to stay high, irrationality is generally pretty high.

Families will commonly tell me that there’s no use in trying to get their loved one into treatment because they’re not willing to get help and they’re not willing to change. My response is always “of course they’re not—they’re on drugs.”

When a person is an addict, nothing they do on a daily basis makes sense to family, friends, and others who are observing the addict’s behavior. So, making a very sane decision to get help and seek treatment is usually beyond the capabilities of an addict.

Speaking of insanity, the most recent headline I’ve come across was not only disturbing because of what it says, but the mugshot of the perpetrator is equally as disturbing as what he did to land himself in jail. In Searles, Minnesota, a man named Duane Johnson has been charged with criminal neglect and third-degree murder of his wife.

Mr. Johnson allegedly removed his wife from a nursing center and took her home where he held what he called a “death party” to put his dying wife out of her misery. The result…she died from a methamphetamine overdose. Johnson said he had made a promise to his wife that he would never let her suffer and die in a nursing home.

Meth is one of those drugs that’ll make you do some pretty whacked out things (after having been up for days on end with strong stimulants running through your veins). One of them being to remove your sick wife from a care facility and overdosing her on purpose. Pretty weird stuff. But, once again, this is what drugs are doing to our society. If you go on Facebook or Instagram you’ll usually find videos taken on people’s cell phones of drug users twisting and contorting their bodies, falling all over the place, and looking basically possessed as the result of flakka or bath salts. These two drugs are often sold to unsuspecting addicts as meth, but the effects of the high are radically different.

You never quite know what you’re going to get from your dealer these days. You might get heroin or pure fentanyl. You might get cocaine or cocaine plus rat poison, plus fentanyl. Or you might get meth. Or you wind up with a bag of research chemicals that may literally cause you to lose your mind.

If you or someone you care about is currently abusing drugs, do something about it. If there’s one thing I know about addiction it is that it doesn’t cure itself. If left untreated, it gets worse and worse—and I know most of you out there know what I’m talking about.

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