Meet the Dedicated Staff of Narconon Suncoast

The staff of Narconon Suncoast are a highly dedicated group of individuals who have one goal in mind: to help addicts escape from the grips of addiction and become drug free, for good. The staff group is comprised of a world-class medical team, state-certified addiction professionals, holistic practitioners, certified nursing assistants, as well as other individuals with a wide range of specialties.

As one of the premier centers, Narconon Suncoast believes in providing the highest quality of care possible to those we serve.

Dr. Brent Agin, Medical Director Narconon Suncoast
Dr. Brent Agin, MD

Executive Director

Travis is the ED of Narconon Suncoast
Travis Anspach

Mike James Hoy
Mike Hoy, CAP, ICADC

Jason Good Narconon Suncoast
Jason Good, BA

Peggy Cote, RN
Peggy Cote, RN

Janie Wallace
Janie Wallace, RN

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