Medical Director

Narconon Suncoast medical director
Dr. Brent Agin, MD, Medical Director

Dr. Brent Agin, MD

Narconon Suncoast’s Medical Director, Dr. Brent Agin, has a focus on wellness, specializing in traditional allopathic health care, drug addiction counseling, and detoxification, as well as alternative methods of treating and preventing disease. Dr. Agin is a graduate of the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and is a trusted member of the Clearwater community and a go-to medical advisor for many health-related topics.

His alternative approach to medicine allows Narconon Suncoast to stay on the cutting-edge of substance abuse treatment, allowing our students to receive the highest quality medical care. Dr. Agin has been an important part of our facility and program for many years, assisting newly admitted students to handle various medical conditions they may be experiencing after living a lifestyle of drug abuse and alcoholism. His compassion for people, his strong desire to help, and his understanding of addiction and medical detoxification are second to none.

Dr. Agin assists our students through their initial detox and withdrawal and ensures they are closely monitored throughout the process. He also ensures all of our students have all of their medical needs met to properly detoxify from drugs and alcohol as comfortably as possible.