If You Thought “Grey Death” Was Scary, Now there’s “Pink Death”

Pink death is pure fentanyl

Fentanyl and heroin are bad enough. We certainly don’t need something even more dangerous to start causing chaos in our society, but that’s precisely what’s happening. While more “traditional” opioids have already killed tens of thousands, a new “pink” or “pink heroin” came on the scene last summer and started causing major problems, especially in states like Minnesota.

Also known as “pink death” the drug has been running around on city streets near Minneapolis and officials are highly concerned by what they’ve observed so far. It came around late last summer and a bunch of people OD’d. The drug is apparently so strong that it’s taking multiple, even up to seven doses of Narcan to bring a person out of a fatal overdose.

Stephanie Devich, who works at Harm Reduction Services at Valhalla Place in Brooklyn Park said, “I put the word out that I wanted pink heroin, ’I need a half a gram of pink heroin. I had it in three hours and that’s for me. So let’s say I’m an active user, I would have had it in—I don’t know—thirty minutes or less.

After receiving the drug, Devich tested the substance. Instead of being “pink death” it was just a bag of 100% pure fentanyl. She actually went on to say that it would be far less scary if they just had the black tar heroin that’s popular in other states because there’s a much lower risk of overdose with it.

More and more overdoses are expected as we close in on the Holiday season and get closer to Christmas and New Year’s. Minneapolis has already seen a huge fallout from “pink death” and the problem isn’t going away. Emergency dispatchers have already seen a big increase in overdose calls this month and that in addition to overdoses are likely to increase throughout the 2018 Holiday season.

Not only is “pink death” really just a baggie of pink-colored, 100% fentanyl, a lot of the heroin and cocaine out there is also mostly straight fentanyl as well. Dealers don’t care if you come back to give them more of your money. They don’t care about return business. They want a quick sale and get quick cash and if you die as a result, it’s just collateral damage. They don’t care.

Deaths caused by fentanyl at an all-time high

Drug users have to be extremely careful these days because drugs are not always what they seem. You really can’t even trust pharmaceutical pills bought from a dealer because it might just be counterfeit and filled with killer fentanyl. No one is safe from an overdose. Not you, not your family, not politicians, doctors, lawyers, or celebrities. Each person is equally as capable of overdosing as the next and with this much fentanyl circulating around city streets, your next shot could be the last one you ever do.

If you’re loved one is struggling, now is the time to get them into rehab. Not after the Holidays, right now! Nothing ruins future Holiday seasons more than them being a constant reminder of a life lost because no action was taken.

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