Apartment Fire Uncovers $3 Million in Heroin, Fentanyl, and Meth

Police and fire department

Heroin, fentanyl, and meth, oh my. The strange things that’ll accidentally be found during a house fire. Recently, in a town in Harris County, Texas, law enforcement has started a narcotics investigation after an apartment almost burned down, revealing a pretty insane amount of drugs and firearms. The bust was a bit jarring due to the sheer volume of drugs that was luckily able to be taken off city streets and put into an evidence locker where it can’t hurt unsuspecting drug users.

The local fire department stated that the fire began in a middle apartment in the building and caused the roof to fall in. As investigators started going through the burnt remains of two of the apartments, they found over 28 pounds of heroin, 95 pounds of meth, 1 pound of what’s thought to be fentanyl, 4 pounds of what’s believed to be fentanyl powder, 1 gram of possible fentanyl residues, an AR-15 with drum style magazines, 1 .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun, and a body armor vest.

Holy Moses…that’s a whole lot of drugs that were getting ready to be sold for a handsome profit! And drug users would have begged for it, that’s the problem. There have been a lot of stories recently about epic-sized drug busts where millions and millions of dollars of drugs are found in stash houses, being made ready for retail sales. As the drug problem in this country has gotten worse and worse, the drug busts have gotten bigger and bigger because the demand for drugs is so high.

That’s the main problem. So many users will give their lost dollar, steal everything from their families, and commit heinous crimes just to get high one more time; to get one more taste. Because drugs are so heavily desired, the wholesalers are making sure there’s enough dope to go around so everyone who wants to get high, can.

US painkiller addiction

No one has been arrested in the above incident yet, and authorities are looking for any leads they can get. The problem here isn’t just the cartels, the dealers, and the drugs. It’s the fact that the American people want it. If we stopped wanting it, stopped buying it, and drove the demand through the floorboards, the dealers and kingpins would have no one to sell to, no one to rob, no one to rip off, no one to kill, and no one to line their pockets with endless flows of money.

We need to stop giving our life’s savings to anyone who wants to give us toxic drugs as a deliverable. This drug crisis isn’t going to stop itself. It’s got a mind of its own at this point, and it’s up to us, as a society, to handle it rather than sitting back and complaining about the fact that it exists. We need to do something because what we’ve done so far clearly hasn’t worked, but the drug problem has only continued to get worse and worse.

You want to handle the drug problem? Handle the demand for drugs first…

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