Vacuum Theft at Walmart Results in Giant Meth Bust in South Dakota

Meth bust at walmart

Walmart… the land of strange happenings, odd people, and your average drug addict running around causing chaos. There are certainly some cultural and societal specimens that frequent the all-in-one shopping centers on a daily basis throughout the country and sometimes some very strange news headlines come from various stores.

Recently, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, an ordinary case of theft turned into in a huge methamphetamine bust—actually, the largest bust of the New Year. Last Thursday, a Walmart worker noticed a man attempting to steal electronics from the store and tried to stop him and was promptly assaulted and knocked to the ground, as was a second employee who was trying to stop the man from stealing a handheld vacuum cleaner. After the attack on the employees, several witnesses helped law enforcement and the man was found sitting in his car with two other individuals. A drug detection dog hit on the car and police found 6 pounds of meth wrapped in what appeared to be a Christmas present.

All three men were arrested and, luckily, none of the Walmart employees were seriously hurt. Lt. Randy Brink of Sioux Falls Police Department’s Narcotics Division commented, “It's someone trying to do their job. These criminals are here, and they assault a female trying to do her job and a second female trying to do her job and then they leave. All over a vacuum.

What strange happenings in South Dakota’s Walmart. It’s almost like something out of an episode of Live PD. You never think these things actually happen in your town… until they do. But that’s the state of affairs not only in the middle of the country but pretty much everywhere else. Drugs are literally destroying our society and yes, while some of the stories that come out of rural Walmarts may be comical, it’s scary to think about that much meth being distributed in such a small area.

Meth bust at walmart in South Dakota

Methamphetamine is a part of our drug crisis that I personally don’t believe is getting enough attention—probably because it doesn’t create the mass-overdose death headlines that opioids like fentanyl make—but it’s just as dangerous a drug, in different ways.

While you might not overdose and stop breathing from meth— staying up for days on end and the heavy, dark psychosis that takes over an addict’s mind is enough to put them in a multitude of situations that may harm not only themselves but innocent people as well.

Meth is just as big of a problem as opioids and synthetic drugs and we really need to pay more attention to the growing problem and we additionally need to start figuring out solutions on how to handle those already hooked on the toxic shards and how to prevent new people from becoming addicted to “Tina,” because Tina will dance with you in the dark and leave you to rot in the gutter once she’s taken everything she can.

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