Justin in Success Story
April 8, 2021

With My Head Held High, a Whole New Me!

As a child, I had a fairly good life. I lived in a small town and had good family support. For the most part, my childhood felt perfect. I was a cheerleader, played volleyball, went to church, youth functions, and did normal kid stuff. As a teenager, I started falling into a rough crowd .


Justin in Success Story
January 23, 2020

How I Changed My Life for Good

Having completed the Narconon Program, I feel great knowing I now have the patience needed in all aspects of my life. Having gained control back of my life, I can be confident in my environment.


Justin in Addiction
December 31, 2019

When Bitterness Turns to Gratitude—Life on the Other Side of Addiction

As an addict, I was a bitter man. I was bitter when I didn’t have my drugs. I was bitter when I had them. I was bitter towards work because it was easier to place blame than to accept it.


Jason Good in Addiction
August 12, 2019

Can an Addict Get Clean for Someone Else?

This is a topic I’ve gained a lot of perspective on, both through personal experience and now working at a drug rehabilitation center . Naturally, repairing relationships with loved ones seems to be a top priority for a very high percentage of people who get clean.