Justin in Recovery
May 23, 2020

What I Gained and Lost During My Recovery

A full recovery from drug addiction is a journey, and I have gained and lost, quite a bit through it all. I have written before that my ability to leave addiction behind had more to do with my commitment to becoming a better person than it was about removing drugs and alcohol from my life.


Justin in Success Story
February 6, 2020

A Day in the Life of an Addicted Musician

When I was thirteen all I ever wanted to be was a touring musician and live my life on the road. I had the most supportive family I could ask for regarding me pursuing my dream. I come from a family of musicians, my father was the singer in a hair metal band and my mother sang in the choir for high school and college, so naturally, I was born to play music and I wanted to take it as far as I possibly could.


Drew Jambon in Sobriety
December 8, 2019

For 2020 and Beyond, Be the Only Resolution that Matters

The New Year is quickly approaching, and with it comes the start of a whole new decade. I began thinking about my resolutions this year. Diet and exercise are towards the top of the list this year. Continuing to expand on improving my relationships with my parents and siblings are important to me.