And Now There Are Drugs in Dog Food…

and now there’s drugs in dog food

Okay, so now things have completely gotten out of hand and I say that based on the fact that the drug crisis has now traversed the species boundary.

While the United States is drowning in a sea of fentanyl, elephant tranquilizers, and Xanax, the thing that makes it the most disturbing is that people electively take these drugs.

It’s not like they accidentally consume fatal doses of opioids after drinking a glass of tap water or eating a cheeseburger. (Although a cheeseburger can be pretty dangerous too!)

In our current world, although drug abuse is at an all-time high, it still continues to get worse almost every week.

As the previous year’s statistics come out, shedding more and more light on the problem, it seems like the more we see, the worse it looks. The drug crisis has also gotten to the point where it’s been affecting not only us and our society but our environment as well.

There have been reports on the West Coast of the United States where local wildlife was found to have traces of opioids and psychotropic medications which were probably from people flushing or dumping their unused drugs.

To make it plain and simple—the drug problem is just absolutely out of control due to American’s need for drugs to take the edge off.

And now our best friends are in harm’s way and the latest victims of the drug crisis are our pets!

Ol’ Roy dog food is being pulled from Walmart store shelves nationwide after the canned variety was found to be contaminated with Pentobarbital, which is a common euthanasia drug used to put animals to sleep. Big Heart Brand makes Ol’ Roy as well as many other well-known pet foods such as Kibbles n’ Bits and Gravy Train.

After an investigation by an ABC affiliate into the drug-laced dog food, the Food and Drug Administration began looking into the situation. Since then, many dog food brands have been found to contain Pentobarbital and the number has risen to around nine different varieties of dog food.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers have been denying responsibility in this situation and instead placing the blame on their suppliers instead of the company’s own oversight.

dogs in danger from tainted food

Whether this whole debacle is a gross oversight of a major company or one of its independent distributors, it’s just a huge indicator of how messed up our society has become because of drugs and drug abuse.

If Pentobarbital made it into dog food, maybe it was the carelessness of a high employee who was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when processing or packaging the food.

Pentobarbital is not something that anyone would ever purposely use or abuse, but as I said before, the fact that a euthanasia drug was found in pet food is, again, just an indicator of how far gone our society is because of drug use.

In a culture where getting high isn’t the norm, you don’t find pharmaceutical drugs in pet food. You just don’t.

Now that our pets are being affected by the crisis in this country, you never know how much worse this thing can get.

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Jason Good

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