Alleged Drug Dealers in Florida Build Drive-thru at Mobile Home

drug dealer arrested

Of all the things that happen in this country, Florida seems to be a pro at creating the most troubling, strange, and interesting headlines. Whether it’s a guy high on drugs eating the face off a homeless person near Miami or a man’s exotic pet bird disemboweling him, the news in Florida never ceases to shock and amaze. The state has been one of the many epicenters of the drug crisis. Florida was to blame early on for their “pain clinics” that made oxycodone widely available. Mostly known as a sham, these clinics would readily dispense massive quantities of narcotics for the smallest of problems. Dealers and addicts would come from all over the country to visit Broward County’s pain centers that were conveniently positioned at highway off-ramps.

More recently, Florida has found itself in news headlines for other problems associated with the drug epidemic. Years ago it was fake Xanax full of fentanyl that ran through certain parts of the state resulting in some casualties. Flakka and other synthetic drugs have caused issues and resulted in the many strange videos you find on Facebook of people contorting their bodies and acting psychotic. And now a Florida couple had the bright idea of constructing a drive-thru window on their trailer in order to be able to sell drugs without getting noticed.

Read that again.

How in the world would building a drive-thru window on your trailer to sell drugs ever be inconspicuous? They might as well have built a lit-up menu and an intercom like at McDonald’s. “Yeah, I’ll have a #2 meth special. Make it supersized.

The couple was arrested after an investigation of the activity at their home following a few overdoses that occurred locally in Ocala. The police said they had turned a kitchen window into a drive-thru to keep people from coming in and out of their house, which they thought would attract more attention. There were even signs notifying customers if they were open or closed and directions on where to drive.

What will people think of next? Things like this are obviously the result of those under the influence of and addicted to drugs coming up with bright ideas of how to stay high and make money. Yes, the drug drive-thru was one of many “million-dollar” ideas someone came up with that just didn’t work out the way they planned. We really need to look at what’s happening to us societally because of drugs. We’re starting to move backward, almost de-evolving ourselves because of drugs and becoming an uncivilized and purely hedonistic society where pleasure comes first and pain and responsibility come second, if at all. We’re moving in a bad direction folks and we really need to take a long, hard look at what’s going on out there and what we’re going to do to fix it.

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