Saving Lives. Saving Families.

Simply put, Narconon works.

Here are typical comments from students of the Narconon program and family members who experienced what sometimes seems like a miraculous transformation:


“MY SISTER HAD RECENTLY BEEN IN THE HOSPITAL and was supposed to turn things around. Then I got a phone call that she was high. I thought to myself, ‘if I don’t do something, she’s gonna die.’ As a family member you don’t 100 percent trust this person again. But now I can say, without a reservation at all, she is a totally different person. I felt like I was alone, and now I have my sister back. I can’t even tell you how grateful I am. She beat it!” —M.F.


“NARCONON GAVE ME MY SON BACK and gave him his life back. This is what makes it such an excellent program.” —M.O.

“WE TRIED ADDICTION RECOVERY. We tried 12-step. The thing I really loved about Narconon was them allowing me to participate in her recovery—to help her through this. They became like our second family. She’s back. Better than she was before. It’s a miracle.” —D.R.

“I FOUND MY SON ON THE BACK PORCH, slumped over—on Lord knows what. Today, he has a great job. He feels great. Narconon gave me peace of mind. Just to see him healthy and happy again, enjoying life like he should.” —S.P.


“OVER 32 YEARS OF DRUG USE, I went through 15 different rehab programs. None of them worked. None even got me to the point where I wanted to stop using drugs. Narconon was my last program, and now I’ve been clean for seven years. Before I came in, I had no hope. I figured I would die in the gutter, a drug addict, and that’s the dead-honest truth. This place turned my life around. It’s so effective, I can’t even begin to tell you how effective it is.” —M.S.

“WHEN I FINISHED THE PROGRAM, I knew I had accomplished the most important thing that I was ever going to do in the rest of my life. I knew that my life was back in my control. I had been on drugs since I was 12 years old, and I felt like I got all those years back. I wanted to be alive, and you can’t trade that for anything.” —D.H.

“I HAD BEEN A DRUG ADDICT SINCE I WAS 18. I’d been on the needle for 17 years. I never thought I would get off it. I really didn’t. The other rehabs told me I was gonna be a drug addict for the rest of my life. The Narconon program saved my life. They taught me how to no longer be a drug addict. They taught me how to better myself and solve my problems on my own. I am a new person. By the second or third week of the program I had tons of energy and I felt like a kid again by the time I got done with sauna. I felt better than I had in years. They’ve given me my life back.” —C.C.

“NARCONON GAVE ME HOPE. They gave me the tools and I went on my way and I fixed everything that I screwed up, physically, mentally, all of it. I got my life back.” —R.G.

“BEFORE NARCONON, my family would call me and I just didn’t want to talk to them because I knew I had to lie. I’d tell them things were going great when I was addicted to drugs and dropping out of school and losing my job. It was at that point they found the Narconon program. I’m incredibly grateful to them and to the Narconon staff for helping me realize the type of change I needed in my life and being there to help me make that change.” —A.O.

“I WENT TO A LOT OF DIFFERENT 12-STEP treatment centers. Everything I had tried, I had failed—every treatment center, every detox—none of it actually worked. Then I came to Narconon. The cravings... I didn’t think they would ever go away and they completely went away during the New Life Detox. I didn’t realize that I could be as happy as I am now. The Narconon program gave me my life back and made me happy again.” —R.S.

“I USED TO PRAY EVERY NIGHT before bed to please not wake up in the morning. My physical pain was so bad and the emotional pain that I caused to my family was so unbearable. I didn’t think there was any hope. Now I wake up every morning more in love with my husband than ever. My children talk to me. We have a good time—it’s like night and day. This is what it’s supposed to be like. I feel so abundantly blessed. God has blessed me with not just a new life, but it’s a life that’s worth living. —D.H.

“I WENT TO 12-STEP. They told me relapse is part of recovery. I was introduced to heroin by listening to other people’s stories there. When I came to Narconon, I was scared of the drug-free withdrawal. But it was definitely the easiest withdrawal I’ve ever had. Now I’m genuinely happy. I feel fantastic. I wake up in the morning feeling like this is going to be a good day. That never happened for me before.” —D.R.

“IF I’D FOUND NARCONON DAYS LATER, a week later, I don’t know if I’d still be here. I got to Narconon and I was coming off heroin, cocaine and methadone. I remember starting the sauna portion and the first day going pretty smooth, and going back to my dorm and sleeping for 12 hours straight. I woke up and said, ‘thank God, this is where I’m going to get better.’ It got better each day, I had more and more energy. I felt normal again. I felt 25 again. Then after Life Skills I completely know how I want to live my life. There is nothing that can stop me now. I’m a year and a half clean and now I’ve repaired everything with my family, I’ve got a girlfriend who can trust me, I have a job that I love doing. All the things I tried for 10 years to get but never had before now.” —J.R.

“THE NARCONON PROGRAM was different from every other program I did: I wasn’t craving drugs. I hadn’t even thought about drugs. I learned why I did drugs and I handled the underlying problems in my life that led to my addiction. I completely resolved them. And there wasn’t any reservation, there wasn’t any doubt. Narconon helped me discover why I did drugs, and that’s what the program did for me.” —J.G.