Justin in Recovery
May 23, 2020

What I Gained and Lost During My Recovery

A full recovery from drug addiction is a journey, and I have gained and lost, quite a bit through it all. I have written before that my ability to leave addiction behind had more to do with my commitment to becoming a better person than it was about removing drugs and alcohol from my life.


Justin in Success Story
April 23, 2020

I Finally Feel Like I’m Starting Fresh

At Narconon Suncoast the New Life Detoxification is a vital step in the road to recovery. For years on end I was in and out of rehabs wondering why I kept failing. It’s only in hindsight that I realize one of the biggest obstacles I had in my way was that I kept trying to make major lifestyle changes while I still felt mentally and physically beaten down by drug and alcohol abuse.


Justin in Addiction
March 31, 2020

The Giant in the Room

This was written by one of our successful graduates and offers his unique perspective on addiction, his experience with it, and his road to slaying the Giant. Everyday more and more people wake up and find themselves in unfamiliar territory.


Justin in Addiction
January 29, 2020

When The Weights Have Finally Been Lifted

The consequences and ramifications of living the life of an addict can be great. They can be so overwhelming that it often makes the prospect of getting clean even more daunting. It’s often the first thing that is on a person’s mind when the fog lifts.


Jason Good in Success Story
November 7, 2017

I Am NOT Powerless Over My Addiction

One of the main parts of the Narconon program are the Objectives. Objectives are cognitive exercises that help our students get through their past traumatic, bad experiences that continue to drive their addictions. It is our core belief that in order to live a productive, prosperous life a person must stay in the present and not have their attention on the terrible things that have happened to them.