Justin in Success Story
October 28, 2021

A Dark Cloud Lifted, So Grateful for This Experience!

I am now able to be calm without drugs while being kind and respectful to others, especially my family. I feel amazing and know my life has changed for the better. I enjoy life so much more now that I am sober. I am looking forward to being with my family, spending time with friends, and just life in general now that I am drug-free.


Justin in Success Story
June 24, 2021

Breaking Through the Cycle of Drug Addiction

It was at this point I realized that my only option was to seek help in the form of treatment for my addiction. Once I started to be truthful to myself and recognize the destructive harm I was causing to not only me, but to those around me, the decision to get help was a simple one. It was the best decision of my life.


Justin in Recovery
May 23, 2020

What I Gained and Lost During My Recovery

A full recovery from drug addiction is a journey, and I have gained and lost, quite a bit through it all. I have written before that my ability to leave addiction behind had more to do with my commitment to becoming a better person than it was about removing drugs and alcohol from my life.


Justin in Addiction
January 29, 2020

When The Weights Have Finally Been Lifted

The consequences and ramifications of living the life of an addict can be great. They can be so overwhelming that it often makes the prospect of getting clean even more daunting. It’s often the first thing that is on a person’s mind when the fog lifts.