How to Detect Fentanyl in Heroin

Addict sad who can’t get sober

If you’re reading this in hopes of getting actual information about how to figure out if the heroin you just bought has fentanyl in it, we need to have a different conversation. The problem is, a lot of addicts out there are trying to figure out how to get high safely, skirt death, and use drugs somewhat “successfully.” They’re all over different websites looking up information about how to break pills down so they can be injected, how to hit a vein, looking up the different imprints on the pills they just got from their dealer to verify their purchase and overall doing tons of research on getting high.

While they’re pouring over hundreds of threads in the middle of the night and sharing the war story of their last high, I feel like their time would be better spent researching how to get clean. Instead of asking complete strangers online for their advice on how to maximize their highs, they should be looking up treatment centers and ways to get clean. Instead of researching how to get cheap drugs from China shipped to their door, they should be researching ways to talk to their families about what they’re going through. I feel like it’s time well spent versus figuring out ways to continue their addictions.

In my opinion, the reason for that is because many of them feel that they can’t get clean. After failed rehab attempts and the inability to keep it together during 12-step meetings, many of them believe they’ll never get clean. So instead, they spend the wee hours of the evening looking up ways to keep getting high. They’ve given up. They believe there’s no hope. And I’ve been there.

After building hopes of getting clean, it only takes a few failures for an addict to take an apathetic viewpoint on life and sobriety and their chances of living the life they want. Once the addict goes into apathy, all bets are off. There’s nothing left to lose except their lives and the idea doesn’t bother them much. When you’re in the throes of addiction it often feels like there’s no way out. With cravings through the roof and most days spent hunting down drugs and waiting for their dealers, it leaves little time for them to do something that’s actually productive.

How many times did you call out of work this week because you were too sick to get out of bed?

If the answer is more than zero, let’s take some time to research how to fix your life instead of figuring out how to kick at home. It’s not a job you need. Nor is it Suboxone, Vivitrol, or methadone. You need help, you need treatment, and you need to stop wasting your time thinking you’ve got it licked. Take it from an ex-addict; pick up the phone, call a treatment center, and get help. Not next week. Not tomorrow. Do it now. It’s not easy but it’ll be the best decision you make.


Jason Good

Jason has been working in the field of addiction and recovery for over 10 years. Having been an addict himself he brings real-word experience to the table when helping addicts and their families, while also offering a first-person perspective to the current drug crisis. Jason is passionate about educating the public about what’s currently going on in our society, and thankfully, offers practical solutions. Jason is also the co-host of The Addiction Podcast—Point of No Return. You can follow Jason on Google+, Twitter, or connect with him on LinkedIn.