Drug Users Now Smoking Bug Spray to Get Cheap, Deadly High

smoking bug spray new deadly trend

Every time I think I’ve seen it all when it comes to drug addiction and substance abuse, something else comes along and slightly shocks me. Drug users have notoriously sought cheap and legal drug alternatives to cheat the system, so to speak. That was the big rage about spice originally. Those who wanted to get high but couldn’t because of routine drug testing could smoke the synthetic drug without getting caught. It was initially cheaper than conventional drugs and users were able to keep on smoking without the supposed negative consequences.

As the drug crisis has continued to worsen and evolve, so has the search for cheap, legal highs. Most recently in Georgia, drug users were found to be ingesting bug spray to get a meth-like high. Yep, bug spray—the same stuff that’s under most kitchen sinks and kept out of reach of pets and children. There have been reports of recent overdoses from insecticide toxicity after people have been spraying it directly on methamphetamine or cooking it up into crystals and snorting or smoking it. Recently, other states such as West Virginia have also seen overdoses on insecticide.

Phil Price of the Cherokee Multi-Agency Drug Task Force said, “When you ingest stuff like this, it changes the chemical characteristics of your blood. Obviously, it kills wasps and hornets while they fly, so the effects on the human, I’m sure, are not so positive.

Drug users claim the bug spray offers itself as a meth substitute and to cook it up, all you need is a metal screen and a way to electrify it, among other steps. Unfortunately, bug spray isn’t illegal so there isn’t much that law enforcement can do about the situation.

It is almost beyond words that drug users would resort to cooking up and smoking literal poison. Now, I know drugs themselves are essentially poisons, but this is, like, poison poison! Look, if you’re desperate to get high and all you have is a can of Raid, the problem isn’t that you ran out of drugs and can’t afford more. The problem is that if you’re resorting to smoking bug spray to get high, the problem is much, much deeper than that.

Drugs are taken in an attempt to solve a problem and if our problems are so bad that we need to use copious amounts of drugs and other chemicals to get by, then other solutions are desperately needed because clearly, we haven’t solved the problem yet. One thing we don’t need is to pour fuel on the fire and create a new epidemic where drug users are smoking poisons and other legal chemicals to get a cheap, but highly dangerous buzz. It may be cheap, but in the end, nothing is worth the cost of losing your life.

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