The Narconon Program

What Graduates Say

“The most significant part of the Narconon program for me was the point where I realized I could recover from my addiction and that I didn’t need to use drugs anymore. I was able to see what would happen if I took heroin again. Before that point in time I could never see beyond the point of getting high.

“Anybody can come here and it will give them the ability to understand the difference between a life on drugs and a life without drugs. They will see how you can live without drugs and not have the cravings or the compulsions for drugs anymore. It’s incredible. It’s amazing. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” —Nate

“My life was in ruins. My house was being taken away. I hadn’t talked to my family in over five years. If I wasn’t on pills, then I was going through withdrawals. It got unmanageable.

“Now that I have completed the Narconon program, I feel really confident that I can use the tools that were given to me and not go back and use again. And that’s the first time I have felt that way in probably over 10 years.” —Amanda

“I think the Narconon program worked for me because it has a totally different approach to a drug addiction.” —Emma

“Today I am a part of my family. I treat myself with respect and I don’t break the law. I hold a legal job and I attend community college. Narconon has changed every aspect of my life for the better.” —Sarah

“My biggest success at Narconon was when I was about halfway through the program. I just started feeling I was more in control of my life. Nothing else was controlling me and I could just take charge and really do what I wanted to do.

“The Narconon program has given me a whole new outlook on life. I really feel I can do anything I want now. I can confront any problem that I have now instead of turning to drugs to run away from it. I’m going back to school now and getting my life together.” —Michelle

“My outlook on life is completely different. I had no interest in anything but using drugs in the past. Now it’s exactly the opposite. I’m learning and actually am a part of society, using the tools I gained at Narconon.” —Louise

“It is the most empowering thing ever! It’s a whole new life. I am not just ‘the Ashly before she used drugs’ or ‘a little-bit-improved version of Ashly.’ I am a whole new person, and I see life in a totally different way. I am able to have a positive effect on my environment. I am able to control situations and get things done. I use the tools I learned at Narconon every day. If you follow what they teach, you will remain sober and happy, and you’re going to survive a whole lot better!” —Ashly

“I have become the person I lost—and a whole lot more. I have the life skills I was lacking. I have confidence. I believe in myself again.”

“I can move forward. I can be successful. I can be happy. I can look people in the eye, and they know that I’m sincere and that I’m there for them. It’s a truly remarkable program. Narconon has changed my life. It has given me my family back. It has given me true relationships in life.” —Clinton

“Now I can handle situations in my life a lot better. I am very calm and clean. I take value in myself and all my belongings and, most importantly, treat my family with respect and have true relationships with them. I am also much more confident in myself and everything I do, especially my job.” —Bryant

“I used to blame other people. I used to think that they were the reasons I became an addict. I realized the only person to blame was me. So I really learned how to take responsibility, and that’s how I realized that addiction would never overpower me again. Coming to Narconon was the best decision I ever made.” —Ryan

“Now that I completed the Narconon program, I have regained total control of my life and I am able to make positive life decisions. Before Narconon, I was not able to function as a productive human being in life. Now I have the tools to have self-control, to be a dad, to be a brother and to be a good son. It truly saved my life.” —Ritchie

“The Narconon program doesn’t just get people off drugs and alcohol. It provides them with the tools and the technology to stay off drugs and alcohol and shows them a way to improve their conditions across all the areas of their lives.” —Rob

“When I came to the Narconon program, I thought I was hopeless. I had already tried a couple different rehabs, and I’d let my family down so many times. But I figured I would give this program a shot for the sake of my family, not even for myself.

“When I got here, I was just going with the flow. When I first got in the sauna, I was achy, I was hurting and I was going through some rough times. But then I could feel all these chemicals coming out, even the chemicals from my OxyContin addiction.

“My back and my knee stopped hurting—and I had earlier believed that I was going to have that pain for the rest of my life. I started having more confidence in myself. I started to have more ability to confront problems in my life, which I never did before because I would always use drugs.” —Dave

“I’m confident now that I can go on with my life without having the burden of my past on my shoulders. Everything about the program was great. It worked for me when nothing else did. Narconon gave me the tools to be successful and I feel confident in my ability that I can stay sober now and achieve my goals.” —Will

“There is a way out. It doesn’t have to be a struggle, day to day. No matter how many times you’ve failed before, don’t give up. Narconon saves lives.” —Joseph

“Going through the program helped me see for myself what I was doing—how I could improve my life and make things better. I feel like a complete person. I’m strong, independent and the woman I’ve always wanted to be. There is never a question of whether I’m going to relapse. I’m motivated and I’m achieving things.” —Michelle

“I came into this program a strong Christian man and I actually left it a stronger Christian man than I ever was before.” —Chuck

“I have become the person I lost—and a whole lot more. I have the life skills I was lacking. I have confidence. I believe in myself again.” —Kylie

“One day on the program, I began to change my outlook. I felt better about myself. I felt confident and started to get rid of frustrations and hatreds that I had been carrying around since I was a child. I realized that I was not a stupid juvenile as I had been told, but that I had abilities and I could take control. This was truly the beginning of life for me.” —Gordy

“Narconon teaches you to live again, giving you back the tools you lost along the way. It gave me the ability to live again.”

“Not only did the Narconon program handle my drug problem but it also gave me the tools to handle any other problem in life. It restored my self-confidence, gave me a purpose to my life, and renewed my interest in life. My cravings for drugs and the drug lifestyle are gone. I have earned the trust of my family back and I have learned to give rather than constantly take.” —Tempe

“I can’t thank Narconon enough for teaching me the skills needed to become a contributing member of society.” —Christi

“As I continued through the Narconon program, and with the help of the wonderful staff, I really started to see a difference in myself. I began to believe in myself again. After I graduated, I joined the Navy and spent the next four years serving my country. I got married and had a son. I worked at several jobs and was able to stay on track with my life thanks to the life skills I learned on the program—skills I will be using for the rest of my life. I never worry about relapsing or going back to the life I had.” —Glenn

“I really do not have the words to describe how I feel today as compared to the life I led engulfed in the degradation of drugs. Drugs control and destroy life and make you do things you would never dream of doing if not for the illusive and hollow promises you tell yourself this chemical will give. How do you describe this insanity in such a way to make others understand just how devastating it really is? How do you explain a life without pride or integrity or peace of mind, not even a little? How do you describe the guilt and alienation from life?

“I came to Narconon a broken mess of a human being. I told myself that I was a drug addict and that somehow explained and justified my impeccably wasted life. I was more dead than alive, and numb!!!

“Narconon has taught me how to live again. Narconon has restored my faith in myself and given me a peace and stability that can only be dreamt of. I am successful and happy and I have a future. I can see again and have restored faith in myself. I can look people in the eye and be proud. I can smile and enjoy even the smallest of simple pleasures.” —John

“When I first came to Narconon, I had been using every drug under the sun for 15 years and was basically in apathy as to whether anything could be done to help me. This was my third rehab in a year and I truly wanted help. I just didn’t think it was available. This program showed me that I am powerful, that I can repair the past and that all the happiness I ever hope to find is within myself. This program not only showed me how to stay off of drugs, it did just what it promised—it gave me a new life. If you’re at the end of your rope and you’re ready to put in some good, honest hard work to make a change for the better, without drugs, Narconon is, hands down, the best drug rehabilitation program on the planet, period.” —Thomas

“I know now that I don’t need drugs, because I feel better without them. I feel stronger. I feel healthy.”

“I would like to thank the staff here at Narconon for helping me and having faith in me. It’s hard for me to think about where I came from. You would have to live it to understand. I know I won’t go back to where I have been. That’s behind me now. I’ve come too far to go back and, besides, I like, or should I say I love, being drug-free!!” —Sarah

“The Narconon drug rehabilitation program has saved my life. I cannot begin to explain the sense of happiness that has been restored to my life. I once pictured myself as a drug addict that was beyond help, but today that picture has changed to one I am proud to face in the mirror every day.” —Jim

“I arrived on the Narconon program and that was when my life finally began to change. Through the course of the program I regained the sense of personal integrity and responsibility necessary for me to stay off drugs. One day I had the tremendous realization that, for the first time ever, I was in control of my life and could honestly say that I was happy. This was when I knew I had finally conquered my drug addiction, and I owe that to the Narconon program and staff.” —Anne

“Narconon has taught me how to live again. Narconon has restored my faith in myself... I am successful and happy and I have a future.”

“I am very happy to say that since I have completed the Narconon program, I have enjoyed health and control over my life in a way that I have never before experienced. My past life was ruled by drugs, the getting of them and the using of them, for over 25 years. I was cynical, depressed, angry and tired. This program allowed me to confront myself and my environment. It provided me the opportunity to physically heal and to mentally expand. I have captured the confidence and wonder of my youth. By successfully completing this program I am, for the first time in many, many years, living freely and with purpose.” —Barbara

“Feeling more content. Don’t feel like using or drinking. Don’t have all the paranoia that made me feel like I had to use to get through each day. I know now that I don’t need drugs, because I feel better without them. I feel stronger. I feel healthy.” —Tom

“I feel fantastic and I’m really happy to have completed the sauna program. I feel alert and energetic. I am now ready to move on to the next part of the course and I’m really looking forward to it. I feel like a fog has been lifted from my mind and I am looking at the world through new eyes.” —Lucy

“When I came to Narconon, my life was on the road to ruin. Drugs overtook my zest for ambition and had set up my happiness for a disastrous fall. When I reached my lowest ebb and I didn’t know who to turn to and felt trapped, Narconon was a glimmer of hope in my otherwise vanquished life. Speaking to a Narconon representative for the first time was the first step to my life repair.

“I am now in the latter stages of my sauna program and feel closer to my goal for a drug-free life than ever. I exercise, eat healthily, take vitamins and ensure every day that my problems are dealt with properly with help of the supportive staff at Narconon. Not only do I have a new lease on life, but my outlook for the future seems brighter and clearer than ever. I will always remember and cherish Narconon for the help they have given me.” —George