By: Kelly Wecksell

How Drugs Stay In The Body

Enlarged Human Fat Cells

Enlarged Human Fat Cells

One of the biggest problems that goes along with taking a drug is that every time you take it, even if you just try it once, a portion of it stays in the body.  How does this work?  Well, the drug is sucked into the fat stores in the body. 

Fat is very close to the veins.  When you burn some of this fat, say through going for a run, walking to work, working out at the gym, etc., a tiny bit of the drug can seep back into the veins.  This can cause a person to re-experience some of the effects of the drug.

Not only will a person feel these effects again to some degree, but he will also get a taste of that drug, setting him up for wanting more.  A person who quits cigarettes gets a little taste of a cigarette and he starts to crave them and is in danger of going back to smoking.  A person who has a taste of sugar is left wanting more. 

So until that drug is completely out of the body, a person is always susceptible to a drug “flashback” (an unexpected recurrence of the effects of a hallucinogenic drug long after its original use), a re-experiencing of that drug during inopportune moments or the feeling that one must have the drug again.

When one experiences the effects of a drug they have taken in the past in a present time situation it causes one to go out of present time making him susceptible to accidents, injury, erratic behavior or difficult emotions.  These feelings can be short lived or stick around for a long time.  When one experiences a drug craving as a result of the drugs that remain in their system, especially once one has quit the drug, it makes it that much more difficult to stay quit. 

Even if one decides to fight through the craving and not take the drug again, it can stick that person’s attention on that drug and make life seem quite difficult. 

Drug cravings, due to the burning of fat and the drug going back into the veins, are the main cause of relapse for drug addicts.

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