Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are a drug

Street Names:

Magic mushrooms, Mexican mushrooms, hombrecitos, shrooms, boomers, las mujercitas, little smoke, caps, god’s flesh, musk

Psilocybin is a hallucinogen or “psychedelic” drug which has been described by some to be as easily obtainable as marijuana because it is grown—not synthetically manufactured or processed. Magic mushrooms don’t lose their psilocybin content even when freeze-dried or cooked, so they can be transported easily as they don’t need to be fresh and can be brewed into tea or eaten directly.

One danger with taking shrooms is the same danger in eating any type of mushroom from an unknown source – people have made mistakes and assumed one mushroom was a psilocybin mushroom and it was actually a poisonous mushroom (which could kill the person consuming it).

Historically, naturally-occurring hallucinogens often factored into Native American religious rituals. Native Americans took peyote and psilocybin mushrooms to achieve a vision which would tell them something about themselves or about their tribe. Often, these rituals were coupled with fasting or water deprivation to enhance the hallucinatory experience.

Natural Hallucinogens are Not Safe

In the present day, mushrooms are still considered to be a non-dangerous substance used to help a person transcend into another reality. There are even online forums and blogs that inform potential users of how to set everything up so that they can get high safely and share “tripping” experiences with each other. Unfortunately, these online sources only make psilocybin mushroom usage appear inviting, interesting, and safe. Magic mushrooms are not safe. They are a Schedule 1 controlled substance, which means the drug has a high potential for abuse, is unsafe to consume, and has no known medicinal purposes.

bad mushroom trip

Any hallucinogen has the potential to cause extremely erratic and unsafe behavior.

Magic mushrooms can cause:

  • psychosis
  • other mental disorders
  • panic
  • disassociation from reality
  • depression
  • flashbacks
  • impaired memory
  • accidental death

Any way you look at it, taking magic mushrooms can be a roll of the dice on whether you’re going to have a good trip or not. Magic mushrooms often cause a “bad trip,” which is a nightmarish and terrifying hallucinatory experience for the user. No drug is ever considered safe and when deciding whether or not to try a drug, make sure you have all the facts in order to make the best decision possible for your own survival.

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