28 Mar 2013

Suncoast Rehabilitation Center helps people through medical drug addiction and street drug addiction.  We have helped people through addiction to oxycodone and prescription drugs that contain oxycodone – like Percocet.  In fact, “Oxy’s” are opioids, which have one of the highest abuse statistics in prescription medicine.

But, what exactly is oxycodone and what prescription pain killers contain oxycodone?

First of all, Oxycodone and Hydrocodone are very different (Oxycodone is 5x stronger). It is advisable that you read about Hydrocodone as well.

Oxycodone is an opioid pain medication – which means it comes from the opium poppy.  This is the same place that drugs like heroin, methadone, codeine and hydrocodone come from.  Oxycodone can be prescribed by itself, or prescribed as a mix with other substances.  Oxycodone (and drugs that are made using oxycodone: Percocet, Oxycontin, Roxicodone, Percodan, Roxiprin, Endodan, Endocet, and Combunox) are Schedule II controlled substances (You can read about schedules here).  This means that they have a very high potential for addiction and abuse.

Oxycodone and the brand-name drugs that contain it are usually found in pill form.  People who abuse oxycodone, usually do so by crushing the pill into powder and snorting it, by chewing/swallowing it, or by dissolving the pill in water and injecting

Shooting oxycodone
the mix intravenously. Usually tablets that contain oxycodone are created so that they release the drug over time. But if you chew, snort, or shoot up, this avoids the time-release effect.  In other words, if your doctor gives you a pill and you swallow the prescribed dosage, the drug is digested and released over time into the system, but if it is crushed, chewed or injected, all of the drug will hit the system at once and could actually kill you. The rapid impact of the drug when taken this way is one of the reasons this drug is so easy to overdose on.

Side effects of oxycodone (even when taken as prescribed) are as follows: difficulty breathing, headaches, nausea, confusion, sedation, light-headedness, euphoria, low blood pressure, addiction, seizure, coma, heart failure, and death.

When sold on the street, drugs that contain oxycodone are often called oxy, oc, oxycottons, oxy 80s, killers, kickers, blue, hillbilly heroin, percs, percodoms, cets, and more.  Also, when someone is discussing abusing prescription drugs, they will often describe it as “pharming”.

Oxycodone is very addictive.  Even if you aren’t considered prone to addiction, it can take as few as 3 uses to become addicted.

Graduate returning to happy life

With prescription drug deaths rising every year, we hope those who are addicted to prescription pain meds, and anyone who knows someone addicted to prescription painkillers contacts us today. We have some of the best rehab statistics in the country, and our drug-free program does not hook those under our care on other drugs, like methadone. Contact us at 877-850-7355 for a free and confidential phone conversation.

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