Remember the Bath Salt Zombies? Now Spice is Making People’s Eyes Bleed…

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Spice is one of those drugs that one, is really scary and two, has completely gotten out-of-hand since it was created. I first heard about spice in 2010. I kept seeing it sold in gas stations and convenience stores. “We have spice,” read the signs at the local quickie marts. Spice was sold as “legal weed” and was really desirable for people who were subject to random drug screens because it wasn’t able to be tested for. Spice seemed to grow in popularity overnight and suddenly, lots of people were using it, but no one really knew what it was. Some people thought it was a cannabinoid, but realistically, no one had a clue what they were smoking. The DEA saw the drug as being potentially problematic, so they banned it. The chemists came in and changed the spice molecule ever so slightly to a chemical that wasn’t banned. Now spice was legal again, but slightly altered. The DEA came in again, banned that substance, and the chemists changed it yet again. Now we’re two iterations away from the original substance and have this chemical that no one really knows much about.

Scary, right?

This cycle has happened so many times that we’re many, many alterations from whatever the original drug was and now, spice is deadlier than ever.

People die from spice. Heart attacks, strokes, and seizures are all ways to you can check out of this mortal coil from using it. The drug has been changed over and over again that it’s a roll of the dice if you choose to use it. A calculated risk, indeed. But now, in Illinois, spice is causing people’s eyes and ears to bleed, and doctors have no idea why. The Illinois Department of Public Health released a statement on March 27th that several people who reported using spice were spontaneously bleeding from their eyes and ears. “This bleeding is not expected, at least in such a significant population so quickly,” said Dr. Melissa Millewich, an ER physician at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital. The doctor continued, stating that alterations in the drug’s chemical makeup could be causing the bleeding, but it’s all unclear at the moment.

spice making people’s eyes bleed

I don’t know why anyone would use spice, knowing the huge negative consequences you could experience by smoking it, but then again, nothing is logical when it comes to substance abuse. Drugs are a solution to a problem for people and as long as we don’t confront our issues and drown our sorrows in bags of dope, coke, meth, and spice, our society is going to continue to have these problems. So, if you or someone you know and love is using spice, get them help before they bleed out of their eyes and ears, or worse, die from it. We don’t know what spice is and overall, that’s how it is with drugs these days. It’s a mixed and bag and you never seem to know what you’re going to get when you pick up from your “plug.” Remember, your money is more important to them than your life.

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