Opiate Epidemic Fueled by Greed—Ex-DEA Agent Blows Whistle on ’Big Pharma’

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Joe Rannazzisi is an ex-DEA agent who has been one of the main whistleblowers on the opioid epidemic. During his time at the DEA, he approved many cases against Big Pharma and was stopped dead in his tracks multiple times by the pharmaceutical companies and drug distributors he was investigating. We’ve gotten to the point in the whole opiate epidemic where there’s got to be something bigger going on here. A conspiracy, if you will.

It’s too perfect how the opiate epidemic took off and, looking back on it now, it appears it was a tactically executed plan by the pharmaceutical companies that has now claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people over the last 20 years. Rannazzisi recently went on record and discussed how Big Pharma along with Congress, lobbyists, and drug distributors knowingly allowed and almost forced the opiate epidemic to spread all over the country. These drug distributors are the “middleman” between the pharmacies and the pharmaceutical manufacturers and completely negated the fact they flooded pharmacies with their drugs, even after knowing much of the medication had been diverted for illegal use and distribution.

Those distributors allowed an obscene number of pills to be placed in the hands of bad pharmacies and shady doctors who dispensed the medications to people who clearly didn’t need them. Pill mills opened up overnight, furthering the growing problem that Rannazzisi said was worse than the crack epidemic in the 80’s. “These weren't kids slinging crack on the corner. These were professionals who were doing it. They were just drug dealers in lab coats.” Additionally, Rannazzisi said that the drug distributors were knowingly thrusting drugs into American communities that they knew full well, were killing people.

Since many drug distributors are Fortune 500 companies, Rannazzisi felt a lot of pushback while pursuing charges against them. These companies have so much money, are highly influential, and put many stops in Rannazzisi’s way, causing some “higher ups” at the DEA to take a softer approach at going after the pharmaceutical industry.

Now, ex-DEA agent Rannazzisi works with state attorneys general who have filed multiple lawsuits against the drug distributors for their role in the opiate epidemic. This whole problem with opiates, the people who have died, the parents who have buried their children, all happened just to line the pockets of corporate “big wigs.”

The opiate epidemic isn’t something that just sort of happened. It was a cold, calculated plan carried out by our government, political officials and Big Pharma. And for what? So, they could have big houses, fancy cars, and lavish lifestyles? Was that worth the ultimate heartache that families across the nation carry with them every day of their lives?

At least someone like Rannazzisi is standing up and speaking for the people.

It’s sad our society values money more than human life.

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