10 Sep 2012

At Suncoast Rehabilitation Center, we provide an effective drug rehab program which not only addresses the personal reasons behind drug addiction, but also the physical aspects of addiction.  We do this with the New Life Detoxification step– a special low-heat sauna, nutrition and exercise regime which removes drug remnants from the fatty tissues of the body.

We interviewed a former meth addict and graduate of the Narconon program in a previous post.  Here is the final portion of that interview:

INTERVIEWER: What did you like the most about the Narconon program and the center you went to?

KB: I really liked the New Life Detox action.  It got rid of my craving for meth.

Our Sauna

Our Sauna

I honestly think the sauna makes the Narconon Program different from any other rehab program.  The detox got me from dull and foggy to alert and aware.

The study was great too – but the detox was my favorite part.
With regard the facility, I really liked how involved the staff were with me.  They really made me feel at home.

INTERVIEWER: What made you decide to stay at the facility and do the Narconon program?

KB: I wanted to get off drugs.  Simple as that.  It knew it was the Narconon program that would get me off of meth – and meth was destroying me life.

INTERVIEWER: How was the New Life detoxification step for you?  Tell me about it.

KB: Well, it got rid of my cravings.  It helped me realize I’d been operating in the past, stuck in old thoughts and actions, and that caused me to come into the present and operate in the present.
Also, when you’re going through withdrawals, you are in  physical pain.  The detox program helped me get rid of those aches and pains and made me feel really good physically.

Another plus was that – when you crave meth you NEED it horribly.  You feel horrible at any point that you aren’t high.  You forget things, you’re tired, and generally you feel crappy.  The detox program got rid of all of that and restored me to myself.

INTERVIEWER: Regardless of which center delivered it, would you recommend the Narconon Program?

KB: Yes.

INTERVIEWER: Why is that?

KB: I want anyone who is addicted to drugs to get off of the drugs and get a new life.  That’s what this program does.

INTERVIEWER: How long have you been clean?

KB: 12 years.

Those who complete the Narconon program are successful and happy and they are off drugs.  At Suncoast Rehab Center the vast majority of our graduates remain drug free because our program addresses all aspects of drug addiction.  If you are, or you know someone who is addicted to drugs, we can help them.  Contact us today: 1-877-850-7355