My Body Depended On
That Next Fix

my body depended on that next fix

“ Before coming to Narconon Suncoast, my addiction to heroin controlled my life. Every moment, from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed, revolved around the drug. My body depended on that next fix. I woke up every morning and was immediately sick. I couldn’t go a full 12 hours without heroin, and my body was slowly shutting down. My family and my daughter came second to my habit. I couldn’t carry the responsibility of being a mom without being high. My parents couldn’t trust me and I had no savings or back up plan. All I had was my drugs.

“This is my third treatment center. When I lost my house, my relationships and finally my dignity, I decided it was time to take a stand and get help. Three days later I arrived at Narconon Suncoast and it was the day that marked a new chapter in my life. After I was here for a few days trying to kick the drugs, I moved onto the sauna detox. Sauna for me and my body was amazing. I started to get my strength back and my body started to feel like it had before the drugs. I was sleeping normally again, my eating habits improved and I was just all around healthier after detoxifying my body.

“After completing sauna, I moved onto the Objectives Course. Objectives opened my eyes to a lot of different aspects of my addiction. I realized that I actually had control over my mind and body and what I did with it was my choice. In Objectives, I made a conscious decision and promise to myself that I was never going to destroy my body with drugs again. Objectives gave me my power back. Once I completed that step of the program, I moved on to the Life Skills courses, where I learned about responsibility and survival as a human being, and how my past behavior has affected all aspects of my life. One of the biggest things I learned in the Life Skills courses was the “why;” the reason behind my drug use and my behaviors to begin with. That was a really big deal for me to be able to pinpoint where it all started and take steps to correct any problems in my future.

“Before coming to Narconon Suncoast, my family had almost lost all faith in me. Now, I have been working toward repairing those relationships and building back that trust. My family is so proud of my progress and all the life changing wins I’ve had since I’ve been here. After I complete my program, I plan on being the strong, independent woman and mother I was meant to be. I want to be there for my daughter, get a good job and go back to school. Narconon Suncoast has given me back my confidence, my beauty, my strength, and my power to live a long, healthy life without drugs.

“To anyone who is currently struggling with addiction, you can absolutely regain control of your life. Narconon Suncoast has given me and so many others a new chance at life. I used to be where you are. I was a slave to my addiction. I promise you it doesn’t have to be that way. There are people out there that can help you, it’s about making the decision to do it!”



Jason Good

Jason has been working in the field of addiction and recovery for over 10 years. Having been an addict himself, he brings real-world experience to the table when helping addicts and their families, while also offering a first-person perspective to the current drug crisis. Jason is passionate about educating the public about what’s currently going on in our society, and thankfully, offers practical solutions. Jason is also the co-host of The Addiction Podcast—Point of No Return. You can follow Jason on Google+, Twitter, or connect with him on LinkedIn.