Massachusetts Drug Dealer Busted Selling Fentanyl to Rehab Patients

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Drug addiction is bad enough as it is. Addicts trying to get sober have tons of obstacles in front of them that they will have to conquer if they want to stay drug-free, keep their sobriety, and have some sort of semblance of a normal life. People, places, and things…they’ll get you every time. After an addict goes to detox and rehab and finally starts to get their feet underneath them, they have to be very wary of going back home to the same environment where they got high. They may be around the same people from their using days, some of who are drug connects, and being hungry, angry, lonely, tired, or any other feelings or emotions that may throw them off. There’s a lot that goes into getting clean and since it can only take the smallest thing to derail a person’s recovery, the last thing anyone needs is a drug dealer hanging outside of a rehab facility, praying on the weak and unsure addicts who are just trying to get their lives together.

In Cape Cod, MA, Richard Cincotta was arrested on charges of selling fentanyl out of his truck to rehab patients enrolled in the program at Cape Cod Comprehensive Treatment Center. The South Yarmouth facility provides everything from counseling, therapy, and MAT for those struggling with opioid addiction. Local police received a tip about Cincotta dealing fentanyl in the parking lot of the rehab center and he was promptly arrested last Friday. He has been charged with drug possession with the intent to distribute, distribution of fentanyl, and conspiracy. He’s currently being held on $5,000 bail and his next court appearance is on March 13th.

First of all, why only $5,000 bail? That’s insane. I know a lot of people who committed much lesser crimes and were given a much higher bail. This guy was selling one of the deadliest drugs our society has ever seen outside of a rehab center, essentially victimizing addicts who were just trying to get clean. How low does one have to go? That’s awful, terrible, and completely disgusts me. But that’s where our society is at—where some of us value money more than human life. This guy, in my opinion, should be locked up for the rest of his life. Working in drug rehabilitation, my heart goes out to all the addicts and their families because I know what it’s like to go through addiction and I know what my family went through. The point is, how dare someone set up outside of a rehab center and sell fentanyl to struggling addicts? Drug users trying to get sober have enough to deal with. Having drug dealers hanging outside the very place they’re depending on to save their lives is the last thing they need.

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