Candy Flavored Amphetamine Approved by the FDA for 6-Year-Old’s

candy flavored amphetamine for kids

Our world is very strange these days and it only seems to be getting stranger. We’ve got an incredibly out-of-control opiate crisis, all caused by the over-prescription of painkillers. Aside from the heroin problem that’s stealing children from their parents, turning upstanding individuals into common criminals and creating an army of automatons who show up at 6am sharp to get their daily dose of Methadone, there’s also a huge methamphetamine problem which seems as though it’s getting ready to pop. Wishful thinking would cause you to believe that after all the mistakes that were made which resulted in the opiate problem, society would learn so as to not create another crisis. But, again, that’s wishful thinking. As the methamphetamine problem is building like a nebulous thunderstorm, it’s looks like the same old mistakes are being made.

The over-prescription of painkillers created the opiate epidemic and I wouldn’t be surprised if the over-prescription of amphetamine and amphetamine derivatives creates a future methamphetamine epidemic. Because it just looks like history is repeating itself.

A new drug called Adzenys is the newest formulation of amphetamine. It’s geared towards children and comes in “great-tasting” fruit and candy flavors for the "fussy child" who doesn’t like taking pills. The FDA has also approved this drug for children as young as 6 years old. Adzenys was released last week and is causing quite a stir among psychiatrists and other doctors because they believe it, in particular, can lead to lackadaisical and loose prescribing practices and possibly the over-medicating of children.

Here's the disgusting part. CEO Vipin Garg of Neos Therapeutics, the creators of Adzenys, said the company is strengthening its commercial efforts to get ahead of “back to school season.” The CEO continued to say, “we’re launching now at full speed.” Does anyone else’s stomach’s hurt? CEO Garg also said that the company has dispatched 125 sales reps throughout the U.S. and are having no problem getting doctors interested in Adzenys because some doctors are viewing it as a “convenient way to give kids the drugs they need.”

This is nothing short of pure insanity. We’re letting drug companies get away with not only making candy-flavored amphetamines for kids but we’re allowing pharmaceutical companies to make sales blitzes before school starts to get as many kids onto their drug as possible. Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy? Society, for some unknown reason, believes it is completely acceptable to get kids started on hard pharmaceutical drugs early in life for whatever ailment the doctor deems it necessary. That’s how the opiate epidemic started. Undisciplined prescribing of hard drugs backed by sales campaigns headed by greedy pharmaceutical companies. That’s the reality here. We’re allowing these corporate monsters to get us and our kids hooked on their drugs. And it’s all considered “normal.”

We need to wake up!

Another epidemic is right around the corner and soon, it’s definitely possible we will have an unbridled amphetamine/methamphetamine crisis right alongside the opiate problem.

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