15 Months Later—Why the Narconon Program Worked for Me

Shauna, Graduate and Staff—Narconon Suncoast

At the beginning of July 2018, I searched for a treatment center. I was tired of being put on psych meds that I had been struggling with. I was tired of still craving drugs and relapsing. I was tired of not handling everything I needed to handle to change the way I viewed things. All I knew was that I needed long-term treatment and something different from the approach I was taking before.

I chose Narconon because it fits the requirements that I had set for myself. When I reached out and talked to the intake person on the phone, they seemed to have all the answers to the considerations I had, and it all made sense to me. They had that different approach I had been looking for. My family came and toured the place and we all decided this was what I had been needing. This was my fourth attempt at treatment. I had just completed a 28-day program in 2017 but had gone back to using drugs. The other places I had gone to were obviously not working. I felt as if I had hit rock bottom and I was desperate to do whatever I needed to do.

“I felt like a brand-new person with a whole new outlook on everything that came my way. I didn’t let my past and the drugs take up any more of my time or energy.”

I completed the Narconon program and in doing so I dealt with everything I needed to deal with to handle my heroin and crack addiction. I felt like a brand-new person with a whole new outlook on everything that came my way. I didn’t let my past and the drugs take up any more of my time or energy. I felt clear-headed again. I was physically healthy, and my body felt completely clean. I had control over my thoughts, emotions, and decisions. I regained the confidence that I had lost during the 11 years of on-and-off addiction. I loved myself again without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Today I am 15 months clean and sober. I don’t consider myself an addict anymore. I don’t think nor act like one. I have been through many different learning experiences since I graduated from Narconon. The way I view and handle the ups and downs that life brings me is amazing. I won’t say that I am perfect, there are learning experiences and if I don’t handle them like I feel I should, I take responsibility and handle them accordingly. It doesn’t take me long to have the realization I haven’t handled a situation like I should have, which was certainly not the case when I was using. I used to dwell on these situations because I knew, deep down, I was not living the way I was taught, and this would fuel my addiction even more. Today I learn from them and they build on top of one another. When I go home, where I would relapse in the past, I am in complete control of myself and my emotions around people, places, and things. There are circumstances you cannot avoid no matter how much you try. Today I process them and move on. Most importantly on this journey of recovery, I have not craved a drink or a drug. This in itself is amazing.

I now work at Narconon Suncoast and help the students who come into our program get through the same rough times I once struggled with. This has been very rewarding and has helped with building the rest of my confidence back up. I walk around humble but with my head held high thanks to the Narconon Program.

Shauna K.—Narconon Suncoast Graduate


Drew Jambon

Drew has been working in the field of addiction and recovery for over 2 years. Having been an addict himself, he brings real-world experience to the table when helping addicts and their families, while also offering a first-person perspective to the current drug crisis. Drew is passionate about educating the public about what’s currently going on in our society, and thankfully, offers practical solutions.