Director of Community Outreach

Jason Good, B.A.

Jason Good
Jason Good, Director of Community Outreach

Jason Good is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Boston with a Bachelor of the Arts in Behavioral Health. He has worked in the field of addiction for nearly a decade, helping those thought lost to addiction to recover and get their lives back. Jason works diligently to educate the public about our current drug epidemic and pushes on prevention as our first line of defense. He is the co-host of Point of No Return: The Addiction Podcast, an avid blogger, and known for his strong opinions regarding solutions to addiction. He is an active member of the Clearwater community and participates in other local anti-drug campaigns.

Having gone through addiction himself and understanding substance abuse from a first-person perspective, Jason is able to bring valuable insights, thoughts, and opinions to the table when speaking to the public about our current drug crisis. Jason has been drug-free for many years and inspires hope in families and addicts who turn to Narconon Suncoast for help. Jason is passionate about salvaging the world from the scourge of drug abuse and has fully dedicated his life to drug rehabilitation and prevention.

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Twitter: @jasongood4