Clinical Director

Mike Hoy, CAP, ICADC

Mike Hoy, Clinical Director
Mike Hoy, Clinical Director

James “Mike” Hoy is a Certified Addiction Professional in the State of Florida and an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. He has worked in the field of addiction for over forty years and is passionate about helping people recover and rehabilitate from drug abuse. He is a graduate of Rutgers University and has devoted his life to helping those once thought lost to addiction.

Mike has been on staff at Narconon Suncoast since 2015 and works diligently with our students on a daily basis to help them sort out their lives and put their addictions in the past. Mike brings valuable insights and real-world experience to the table during each counseling session, offering our students a common sense viewpoint and instilling them with a sense of responsibility and control over their lives. Allowing our students to understand that they are not, in fact, diseased or addicts for life, Mike is able to help our students develop a whole new outlook on their future. It’s become his personal mission to rid the world of addiction and minimize the effects drugs have on our society. In the wake of the current drug epidemic, Mike realizes the need for comprehensive, long-term residential drug rehabilitation programs that actually get to the core root of addiction and leave no stone unturned.

Being a part of Narconon for many years, Mike has observed, first-hand, the efficacy of the evidence-based drug rehabilitation technology the program uses and the outstanding results achieved by its graduates.

Having a full understanding and extensive knowledge of addiction, Mike is not only a go-to for the students on the program who need guidance and support, but he’s also an active member of other anti-drug campaigns within the Clearwater community.

With Mike’s undying dedication, he hopes to help anyone in need and to start getting the drug crisis in this country under control once and for all.

James Mike Hoy,
Florida Certification Board Credentials

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