What Our Students Say About Narconon’s Drug-Free Withdrawal

drug free withdrawal

The first step of the Narconon program is the Drug-Free Withdrawal. When addicts first enter treatment, they are usually sick, malnourished and feeling the effects of coming off drugs. A lot of the most commonly used drugs come with a laundry list of symptoms that occur when a person stops using: headaches, fatigue, diarrhea, restless legs, nausea, vomiting, insomnia and muscle cramps are just a few of them.

Many treatment centers use “replacement drugs” like Suboxone, Methadone and Benzodiazepines to get a person through the acute sickness experienced during withdrawal, and also as long-term "solutions" to handle cravings or prevent relapses. What this does is essentially substitute one drug for another and does nothing to actually handle a person’s addiction. The worst part of these “replacement drugs” is that their withdrawal symptoms can be far worse than the symptoms of coming off the original drug the addict used.

But doctors don't usually tell you that.

Narconon does not believe in putting a person on drugs to get them off drugs. Giving an addict more drugs is not a logical solution to handle a drug addiction.

Narconon’s Drug-Free Withdrawal begins the moment a person enrolls in the program. They are seen by medical staff to ensure their comfort and safety while detoxing and are carefully monitored by 24-hour nursing supervision. Using different techniques, theWithdrawal Specialist will be able to address the physical pain and discomfort as well as the mental and emotional distress that may occur. Mixtures of different vitamins are given daily to help restore the body and help the withdrawal symptoms to subside.

If you ask an addict what they fear most, they will often tell you:

“Getting sick.”

The detox from some drugs is so bad, addicts fear it more than death. That’s precisely why many addicts gravitate towards treatment centers that will put them on drugs to help with the withdrawal. However, to really beat their addiction, at some point, the addict will have to come off the “replacement drugs” and go through an even more difficult withdrawal anyway, so they are just delaying the inevitable.

Narconon’s Drug-Free Withdrawal helps an addict come off of drugs as quickly, safely and comfortably as possible. Our Withdrawal Staff are highly trained to help a person come off of drugs so they may begin the rehabilitation that will save their lives.

This is what a few of our recent Drug-Free Withdrawal students had to say:

“I have successfully kicked methadone in 10 days. I am extremely proud of my progress and am grateful for all of the help that the Narconon staff gave me.” J.F.

“Being in withdrawal, my main issue was feeling sick to my stomach which caused me to feel restless in my arms and legs. The withdrawal specialists helped me through this discomfort and assured me these feelings would subside. Over the past couple of days, my sleep has been improving and my withdrawals are at a minimum. I can get through the day comfortably now!” J.L.

“Narconon has been an amazingly great turnaround for me! I had great support and encouragement from my withdrawal specialist! They are all truly amazing angels! I used to dread getting up in the mornings and now, I bounce up smiling. I know each day that I’m not one more day away from my daughter, but one day closer to a pure and wonderful sober life with her. Life is truly worth living now!” P.B.

“I arrived with highly interrupted sleep patterns. I am pleased to say I am now able to sleep through the night without any of the withdrawal symptoms, pains or discomforts that were preventing me from getting quality sleep. All of the steps in withdrawal have lifted my anxiety and emotions and I am confident I will continue to improve from this day forward!”R.K.

“My first instinct when coming into withdrawal was one of anxiety, since I had never gone through such a program previously. It took only a short amount of time for me to feel that the staff in withdrawal had only my best interests at heart. There was never any judgment — they all seemed to understand what I was going through. Being an older woman, I thought it might be difficult to relate to the younger staff but I was always put at ease. The exercises are phenomenal and they not only made me relax, but took the focus off of my problems! Bravo to the withdrawal program and staff!” D.S.


Jason Good

Jason has been working in the field of addiction and recovery for over 10 years. Having been an addict himself he brings real-word experience to the table when helping addicts and their families, while also offering a first-person perspective to the current drug crisis. Jason is passionate about educating the public about what’s currently going on in our society, and thankfully, offers practical solutions. Jason is also the co-host of The Addiction Podcast—Point of No Return. You can follow Jason on Google+, Twitter, or connect with him on LinkedIn.