One Year Clean!

One year clean Narconon Suncoast graduate

Getting one year of sobriety is more difficult than anyone can imagine. When you’re addicted to drugs, getting one hour clean is nearly impossible when you’re full of cravings, going through withdrawal, and living in a foggy haze of substances. So, when a person begins their journey into sobriety, getting one full year free of drugs and alcohol is one of the most sought-after accomplishments. While getting that much clean time is way easier said than done, Narconon Suncoast graduates seem to do it with more ease than other’s who have gone through different treatment methods. The following is our most recent one-year success story from a young lady who beat the odds and kicked heroin’s butt!

“For years on end, I had a void in me that was filled with sadness, despair, suicide, drugs and basically anything bad in this world. The drugs made me feel so alive at first, I thought this was the answer to fill this void up and for a short amount of time it seemed to be the answer. However, in the end, the drugs just dug me deeper and deeper into depression.

“My outlook on life was that the world was cruel and I didn’t deserve to be alive and I prayed daily that this next shot of heroin would kill me and end my misery and everybody else’s lives I was destroying with mine. However, here I sit today with ONE YEAR clean and sober under my belt.

“That void I have in me is now filled with hope, joy, happiness
and so much love.”

“That void I have in me is now filled with hope, joy, happiness and so much love.

“I have my family back and endless support from them and so many wonderful people. This past year I really got to find myself and finally just be me. I feel so free and I feel so alive. People know they can now depend on me. I’ve gotten a second chance on life and I won’t take it for granted for one second.

“Thank you, Narconon Suncoast for helping me find myself and really find the root of why I was using drugs. I am not afraid to keep on living this beautiful life I now live today. I am so incredibly happy and grateful.”

Emily M.—Narconon Suncoast Graduate


Jason Good

Jason has been working in the field of addiction and recovery for over 11 years. Having been an addict himself he brings real-word experience to the table when helping addicts and their families, while also offering a first-person perspective to the current drug crisis. Jason is passionate about educating the public about what’s currently going on in our society, and thankfully, offers practical solutions. Jason is also the co-host of The Addiction Podcast—Point of No Return. You can follow Jason on Google+, Twitter, or connect with him on LinkedIn.