DEA Take Back Day

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Narconon Suncoast Provides Resources for DEA Take Back Day

Narconon Suncoast, a Florida-based addiction treatment program, provides resources and education around substance abuse leading up to the DEA’s upcoming Take Back Day on April 27, 2024.

St. Petersburg, Florida. For over a decade, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has worked alongside communities nationwide to host National Take Back Days, during which Americans can safely dispose of medications they no longer need. This unique program has received an overwhelmingly positive response; in 2023 alone, over 1.2 million pounds of unwanted or expired medications were collected across 4,600 sites nationwide.

National Take Back Day 2024

As one of Florida’s premier addiction treatment facilities, Narconon Suncoast is compelled and motivated to participate in Take Back Day by providing educational resources via social campaigns to ensure our patients, families, and community members are informed of this important cause.

Addiction Often Begins with Access to Prescription Medications

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Addiction often begins by obtaining a prescription medication to treat a nonmedical issue, and the problem can quickly spiral out of control from there. Prescription drugs can be provided by family members or friends who no longer need the medication, so they pass it on to someone who has an ailment of some kind.

This act alone can be dangerous and harmful to the safety and well-being of others and often fuels addiction. Without a prescription, individuals are not monitored by a doctor. They may struggle to ask for help if they feel themselves slipping into the cycle of becoming reliant on the medication to feel better while simultaneously wanting to stop using the drug.

Seeking Treatment in a Safe Space

The dangerous throes of addiction can be difficult to identify, and that’s why many people seek treatment from safe havens like Narconon Suncoast to heal and improve their lives. Narconon offers a specialized approach to healing that includes one-on-one care, specially designed withdrawal spaces, a detox center, nutritious dining, and various therapy methods to get to the root of the problem.

The DEA’s Steps to Fight Addiction Start at Home

As the opioid epidemic continues to have devastating effects on families across the country, the DEA is hard at work to combat the issue at the source.

By removing unwanted and expired prescription medications from homes, individuals have a better chance of avoiding developing an opioid addiction. The DEA has partnered with pharmacies, hospitals, law enforcement facilities, and other locations in communities to provide safe and secure disposal sites.

Anyone with a substance abuse problem who needs to get rid of prescriptions or medications that may fuel addiction can visit the DEA’s locator site to find a nearby site to dispose of any medications safely.

Don’t give up hope. Narconon Suncoast is here to help.

The fight against addiction involves all of us—families, friends, and community members. Whether you’re struggling or someone you love needs help, Narconon Suncoast is here to help.

From education on addiction awareness to beginning your own journey to sobriety, Narconon believes recovery is possible for everyone, and we are committed to helping in any way we can. To learn more about Narconon Suncoast and its commitment to helping individuals live healthy, substance-free lives, contact us.


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