No Longer Stuck in the Past

Smilling sober man
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When I arrived at Narconon I was drunk, had taken Xanax and the previous month was a huge blur. Despite having been working, bought a new car, made some big life changes, all of those things, the truth was I was going through the motions and not actually living them.

I arrived and went straight into withdrawal and I was a mess. I was missing my dog so much I was crying and also had sadness and anxiety. I thought it was impossible to come off alcohol and I didn’t think life was possible without anxiety or meds to help me. It was achievable and I have been without meds for some time now, that alone is huge for me! The staff was incredible and several days after arriving, I felt 100% better.

“Being able to think with a clear head and mindfulness is what I enjoyed the most.”

Then I went onto the sauna detox and after a few days of doing the sauna detox, I started to sleep well and felt great. Being able to think with a clear head and mindfulness is what I enjoyed the most.

Then I went onto exercises that got me into the present and everything was easier for me. I never realized I was not in present time but stuck in the past. I could now hear the birds chirping, the motorcycles on the road, the sounds of the cars and much more. I had never noticed some of these sounds before, but now I could. I stopped worrying about the past and looked towards the future.

The staff were with me all the way through, they were a steady rock by my side to get me through the program. I appreciate all of the very honest and direct conversations with the staff and students. I would not have made it through the program without all the support of the staff. They were so genuine that nothing could come close to their support.

R.W., Narconon Graduate


Suncoast Staff