Narconon Doesn’t Rely on Drugs for Recovery

Narconon Suncoast detox area

One of the most difficult steps to a drug-free life is making the decision to stop the substance abuse and enter into a drug rehabilitation center. A good place to start is by reaching out to us so we can guide you through the process of entering rehab. But after making it this far, you might wonder what happens next.

Upon entering rehabilitation, you will immediately start the process of withdrawal. This usually means you may feel worse before you feel better. Withdrawal symptoms vary widely. Some drugs are easier to withdraw from than others. It depends on a few different factors.

Experience Drug-Free Recovery at Narconon

At Narconon Suncoast, we believe in a 100% drug-free recovery. This means that we don’t use substitute medications at any point during your program with us.

We provide the environment necessary for successful withdrawal and recovery, naturally. You have the power in you to overcome your addiction. That’s why we’re here to provide the tools and education you need to kick your addiction for good without creating any more bad habits.

Why start your new drug-free life with the use of more drugs? Narconon programs include specific rehab technology to set you up for long-term success. First, let’s take a look at what withdrawal is and why it’s an important step in your recovery.

What is Withdrawal and How Long Does it Take?

By definition, drug and alcohol addiction means that your body has developed a physical dependence on the substance you are using. Withdrawal, then, is when you completely cut out the use of these substances and your body has to get used to functioning without them.

Physical dependence on drugs or alcohol, to a greater or lesser degree, must be present for withdrawal symptoms to occur. It is also known as detoxing or detoxification.

Moreover, it refers to the uncomfortable physical and psychological symptoms associated with quitting a drug addiction. The intensity and duration of withdrawal symptoms varies for each individual, depending on:

  • What drug(s) you’ve been using
  • How long you’ve been using them
  • Your age
  • Your pre-existing health
  • The method used to withdrawal

The bottom line is that withdrawal can be accompanied by a host of unwanted symptoms. However, the physical and mental benefits of overcoming addiction far outweigh the temporary discomfort.

New Life Detoxification

Narconon Suncoast sauna

By the end of your withdrawal process, the drugs and/or alcohol will have left your system. But are the toxins and negative effects on your body gone for good?

Here at Narconon, we use a detoxification process called New Life Detoxification that will help rid your body of any lasting residues. There are 3 steps to this process:

  • Starting you on an exact and all-natural vitamin regimen and healthy diet.
  • Beginning a daily exercise routine in the form of running, which promotes circulation and elimination of toxins.
  • Time in the sauna. This allows your body to naturally sweat out the harmful toxins and associated symptoms that drive addiction.

The Objectives

Getting your mind out of the past and focused on the present is a big part of addiction recovery. Narconon accomplishes this by including a series of exercises called Objectives.

Past negative experiences may be contributing to your addiction. These processes help pull you out of the muck and into the here and now, allowing you to focus on your recovery and enter a new substance-free life.

New Life Skills Courses with Narconon

In addition to physical rehabilitation, Narconon Suncoast also incorporates practical coursework into your program.

These courses teach the life skills an individual needs to succeed outside of the program. Ultimately, education is a vital part of restoring personal integrity and creating a new start without the threat of relapse.

Narconon believes in your ability to fully recover from drug addiction, naturally! Check out these testimonials and see for yourself. A new addiction-free life awaits—contact us today.


Suncoast Staff