I Look Forward To a New Life


My addiction had led me to complete isolation… sitting in bed 24 hours a day drinking and not bothering to eat or sleep. Even my hygiene had taken a back seat. The only person I spoke with was the cashier at the liquor store. I made the decision to try treatment because I was desperate to reconnect with my daughter, siblings and grandchildren, all of whom I missed. I had been to treatment before and had eight months of sobriety and then relapsed. I reached out to Narconon Suncoast, knowing that if I did the program, it would work. Thank you to all Narconon Suncoast Staff who helped me get there.

Upon arrival, the staff who met me were very kind and treated me very carefully. The withdrawal was comfortable however the bed still haunted me, and sleep eluded me. During withdrawal, there was always someone to listen to me, and that helped me the most. Their experiences with recovery were invaluable to getting me thru that and onto the next step in the program.

I moved from withdrawal to the sauna portion of my recovery, and it was time to heal my body, which did more than I ever dreamed. The result was a body free of drugs, and more importantly, it helped my mind because I had been in a coma from alcohol previously. My focus returned, and I became much calmer. Once I achieved that, it was time to move on to the next step.

During the next portion of the program, I worked with another student on communication and observing my surroundings, which are called Objectives. I learned how important it is to be aware of things as they are happening in the present. I remind myself of this by remembering where my feet are at before I make any decisions out of anger or frustration. I make better decisions while I’m sober now, which leads to the life skills portion as my final step of recovery.

“I learned how to take responsibility rather than
continue to justify my actions.”

This portion of the program was very challenging, 59 years is a lot to remember, especially since the coma had impaired my memory and jumbled it. I learned how to take responsibility rather than continue to justify my actions. With the support and guidance of staff, I have taken on a new way of seeing things and now have the tools to use when my mind takes me to places of pain. I am in the process of reconnecting with my family and society. I have a beautiful life today and hope to help others. Thank you Narconon staff and students who have been with me throughout this process of getting my life back, I look forward to a new life.

—Mary, Narconon Suncoast Graduate


Suncoast Staff