Four Years of Sobriety

Josh, Narconon Graduate

I have now been four years sober and wanted to tell you my story with alcohol.

I started drinking when I was 19, but I did not have a problem until my late 40s. I owned a restaurant with a beer and wine license, so it was always available to me. I was always within 25 steps of a cold beer. I was bored, and it was so easy to get to. It then became a habit, and I just started drinking earlier and earlier in the day. I also never “pulled the reigns on it” to control it, and I would drink every day. I did not ever consider myself an alcoholic at that time, but looking back, I was.

I was totally withdrawn. I would still work, but I kept away from close friends and family as I did not want them to know I could only go a few hours without drinking.

My dad and my aunt got involved and got me arrived to Narconon Suncoast. It was not until I arrived that I thought I had a problem. Or at least I did know I had a problem, but I would not admit it to myself.

Sauna detoxification was my favorite part of the program. I felt so much better at the end of it. I had energy, my head was clearer, I could remember what I had done the previous week. I felt good. From beginning to end, I knew I was in a better place, I felt happy, excited, and fun again. I could read and complete a book again. I would write songs again. I regained all these abilities I had earlier in life.

I felt so good at the end; I did not want it to be over. I was so happy. I am very proud of and thankful for my family. And I was proud that I could now receive the love of my family when before I could not as I was withdrawn and pushed them away. Now, my relationship with my father, brother, and sister is great. I am going to see them this Thanksgiving.

It’s great to be sober. I hardly feel now like I was such a wreck, but I was. Now, if you call me at 7 am in the morning or midnight or any time of the day, I am fully aware and able to have a full conversation with someone. I could never have done that when I was drinking.

“I would say if you think you can get off drugs or alcohol yourself, you probably can’t – its really hard. You can be sober – I have now been drug free for 4 years!”

I would say if you think you can get off drugs or alcohol by yourself, you probably can’t—it’s really hard.

You can be sober – I have now been drug-free for four years!

Josh, Narconon Graduate


Suncoast Staff