Four Ways to Support a Loved One in Recovery During the Holidays

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The holidays are meant to be a time of joy and celebration, but it can also be an incredibly challenging time for those in addiction recovery. Consider that the holidays are filled with celebration and festivities, often bringing excessive emotions, drinking, and more. This puts those in recovery in a dangerous situation of having to deal with extra triggers, stress, and temptation. Even having to balance conversation in a large crowd of people can be a stressful experience for those managing their sobriety.

On the bright side, one of the most valuable assets of those in recovery is a solid support network of friends and family members. Managing recovery during the holidays can be challenging, but there are things loved ones can do to create a healthy and safe environment for it.

Let’s take a look at some ways that you can better support a loved one in addiction recovery throughout the holiday season.

Ask How You Can Help

It can be difficult for those in recovery to ask others to do things to support their recovery, as they may think they are being a burden or bringing others down. Simply asking the recovering individual what could be done to support their recovery can help to begin that conversation.

Potentially, this may involve limiting alcohol use in front of them or at family gatherings or maybe not inviting a certain person who has been problematic.

Offer Space to the Person in Addiction Recovery

Even when accommodations are in place, maintaining addiction recovery can be overwhelming sometimes. It can be tough and stressful, and it is always an active process. There may be times when the recovering individual feels they must step away or skip a gathering for addiction recovery care. Don’t ever take this personally, as it is important and necessary for them to have time to compose themselves.

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Keep Plans Simple After an Addiction Recovery Center

When a person first comes home from an addiction recovery center, there can be a period of adjustment back into the normal swing of things. This is why it can be helpful to keep holiday plans simple, especially if they have gotten home right before the holidays. It may be hard for the person to jump right into large gatherings with crowds, festivities, and substances.

Instead, it may be better to plan smaller, more intimate family gatherings where the recovering individual can still participate without as much pressure.

Communicate and Offer Support

Above all, family members should try to be there to lend an ear and support when needed. Of course, this does not mean that family should be in charge of their sobriety, but listening can mean a lot to those in recovery.

If the individual is finding it particularly difficult being home, loved ones can encourage them to seek supplemental addiction recovery care like extra meetings. Even offering to attend a meeting with them can be huge for support.

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