Embracing Change: Your Journey to Recovery

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Addiction is far from a minor issue within the United States. In fact, according to the 2021 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 46.3 million people had met the criteria for substance use in the past year. Fortunately, addiction is not impossible to overcome, and thousands of people achieve sobriety every year. Recovery requires a major change to an individual’s life, which can be difficult to accept initially. However, it is a good change, and embracing it can be an incredible part of the recovery process.

Let’s take a look at the change involved in recovery and how you can learn to accept and embrace it.

Leaving an Addicted Lifestyle

It may seem strange, but many people are scared to change their addicted lifestyle. After all, that may be all they have known for many years. But change in life is inevitable, and it doesn’t have to be bad. Nothing is wrong with being scared to make significant changes, but that is no reason to avoid it.

At the end of that change is a much more fulfilling lifestyle of improved physical and mental health. Change is part of personal growth. It may mean having to adjust to a new normal and leaving behind the chaos of addiction, but it will be worth it.

Changing the Addict Mindset

One of the biggest hurdles of recovery is changing the addict’s mindset. Addiction truly takes hold of a person and makes them think that their substance of choice is the only thing that matters. Shifting away from this mindset can take some work, as it is familiar and comforting.

It is also a fear of the unknown, as the individual may not really remember what it’s like to not have their substance. But breaking free of this mindset is liberating and gives the power to make further changes throughout recovery.

How to Embrace Change in Addiction Recovery

Honestly, there is no easy way to embrace the change quickly. Everyone’s recovery journey is different, and accepting and embracing change will also be. However, some stable tips can be used to begin the process.

Form a Definitive Intention

First, decide to make a change. Decide to be sober, stop using, whatever the wording may be. It’s hard to make an intentional change without really putting the intention out there first. It may sound ethereal or cliche, but it is important to put the decision there.

Maintain the Intention with Motivation

Then comes maintaining the initial intention. Keep finding motivation and reasons for the intention. It could be things like feeling better, pursuing goals, and more. Remember not to rely too heavily on external motivation. There is nothing wrong with using your support network for motivation, but find internal motivation too.

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Celebrate Even the Smallest Victories

It can be easy to feel defeated when changes aren’t progressing as much as desired, but try to celebrate even small victories and any progress toward goals. Recovery is a journey; don’t race to the destination, as it can lead to falling off-track. Make sure to enjoy the journey and how far you are from the start of it.

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