A Closer Look at Drug Addiction: Breaking Down Myths and Realities

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Addiction has been a long-debated topic in many spheres. Unfortunately, there is still ample disinformation, discrimination, and stereotyping surrounding it as well. This is greatly attributed to the stigma that many of those struggling with addiction face. This stigma leads to a lot of misunderstanding and contributes to people being afraid to admit their addiction to drugs or ask for help.

That is why it is essential to increase understanding about addiction, as it will hopefully begin to change the way society sees the condition as a whole. Continue reading to learn about some common myths of addiction as compared to the actual facts.

What is Drug Addiction?

Before going any further, it’s essential to answer the question: what is drug addiction?

The basic answer is that drug addiction is when an individual falls into a pattern of substance use that leads to negative consequences in their life. When an individual first uses a substance, they may find that they like the way it feels or helps them deal with difficulties in their life. As they continue to use this substance for these purposes more often, it can interfere with other parts of their life. It can lead to consequences like losing a job, destroying relationships, health issues, and much more.

There can also be a physical component where an individual’s body adjusts and expects the introduction of the substance into the system. Moreover, if an individual continues to use, their tolerance will grow, requiring them to use more to achieve the same effects.

That leads us to the first myth about addiction.

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Myth: Addiction is a choice, and they can stop anytime they want.

Reality: There is a degree of choice when it comes to first using substances. However, once begun, addiction can creep in and take over. Addiction itself is an inability to stop using a substance or engaging in a behavior even though it may cause psychological or physical harm. Some people are affected more heavily, and they can require a detox and rehab program to overcome the influence of substances.

Myth: You can’t get addicted to marijuana.

Reality: According to the World Health Organization, “development of a cannabis dependence syndrome characterized by a loss of control over cannabis use is likely in chronic users.” This means the person is unable to stop using even though it’s causing health and social problems in their life.

Myth: Those who struggle with addiction lack willpower or self-control.

Reality: Many people view addiction as simply a lack of self-control or a moral failing. This contributes significantly to the societal stigma that continues to surround those struggling with addiction. However, substances can be very powerful, and it can take treatment for some people to take their lives back.

Myth: Treatment has to be voluntary to succeed.

Reality: Ideally, those struggling with addiction see the problem for themselves and seek treatment. However, it can take an intervention from loved ones for some people to finally see the consequences of their addiction and accept treatment. It may seem pressured at first, but as an individual overcomes their addiction, they can begin to see the benefits of treatment.

Are You Seeking Drug Addiction Treatment for Yourself or a Loved One?

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