30 Jan 2015

Butane hash oil or BHO is a very concentrated version of marijuana. 

Marijuana Bud

What is BHO?

Butane hash oil is created by processing marijuana into a highly refined oil. Producers use the very flammable chemical butane to strip the THC from marijuana and create a sticky substance that is then smoked using a pipe. (THC is the chemical in marijuana that creates a mental reaction or a “high.”)

BHO is called a variety of street names like: hash oil, butane honey oil, dabs, amber, shatter, and earwax. Many of these names are extremely descriptive. BHO often looks like honey or earwax and it can “shatter” into hard, amber-colored pieces.

Why Using BHO is Dangerous

Using BHO or “dabbing errl” is the process of taking a small chunk or a “dab” of BHO and putting it at the end of a pipe. Once the pipe is lit, the user inhales the fumes created by the heated BHO. There is also an e-cigarette out now that can be used to smoke marijuana concentrates – like BHO.

After inhaling, users tend to experience a very extreme high. Some reports have stated that it is not uncommon for users to go unconscious while using BHO. Other users have reported hallucinatory reactions. This is because BHO has extremely concentrated amounts of THC. A small chunk the size of a Tic Tac can be about the same as smoking one entire marijuana cigarette in one breath.

THC causes its own negative effects including:

Smoking dabs

  • Slowed reaction time
  • Increased heart rate
  • Paranoia, anxiety, and depression
  • Memory problems
  • Bleeding
  • Changes in blood pressure

By consuming huge quantities of THC, individuals are opening themselves up to health problems as well as mental problems. Additionally, experts indicate that an increase in THC usage may cause marijuana addiction or open users up to heavier drugs.

Another issue with BHO is that it is created with butane. This is basically lighter fluid. There can be butane trapped inside the oil. This means one is not just smoking high levels of THC, he or she is also smoking flammable butane gas. Inhaling butane can cause problems like heart attack or a shutdown of the central nervous system. There is a condition that police call “sudden sniffing death” that is caused by inhaling so much butane the person dies.

Additionally, BHO manufacturers often use butane sourced from Asia. This chemical is not rated for human consumption or for directly interacting with anything people can consume. The result is that some of those producing BHO create a drug which is infused with additional, very harmful chemicals. Called “dirty BHO” or “Black Poison,” this drug can seriously injure anyone using BHO produced with this type of butane.

BHO Production – just as Deadly as Meth Labs

The other side of the coin is that BHO production is extraordinarily dangerous. Again, the people creating BHO are using butane. This is the same stuff people fill their cigarette lighters with and it’s what often fuels camp stoves. Just as you would not keep quantities of gasoline in your living room, many people would think twice about heating up marijuana-infused butane on top of an open flame or in their oven. During BHO production, the butane is supposed to evaporate off of the hash oil. This vapor can fill up the room in which it is produced. If a pilot light goes on or some other spark is lit, the whole room can explode.

Unfortunately, that’s just what has happened. BHO explosions are becoming more and more common across the nation. 

In the end, the two best ways to fight BHO or any dangerous drug that gains popularity are:

1. To educate those around you – and make sure the children in your area are receiving drug education.

2. Be sure to receive help yourself or get help to those around you who are suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol.

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