Back From the Dead and A New Man!

narconon suncoast success

Before I arrived at Narconon Suncoast to start my new journey in life, I was in shambles. I was constantly going in and out of prison and other treatment centers. I had multiple overdoses, one of which landed me in a coma for 11 days. January 23 of 2017, I woke up and knew I had to do something to save my life. After years of trying different methods to live not only sober, but clean and sober, I finally found Narconon Suncoast. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but deep down I knew there was something special about this place.

When I got here I was extremely emotional and at the beginning stage of changing my life forever. After years of using and abusing all types of drugs, I was ready to surrender and become the man I knew I could be. When I got to withdrawal, I was excited to start this adventure. I began to come out of my shell and began to be able to see life again. When I got into the sauna detox, I knew my body was ready to be cleansed. With exercise, vitamins and lots of sweating, I started to actually feel again! I was sleeping without drugs for the first time in years. I was eating right again and the fog in my head disappeared. Then I got to the Objectives course. Through this course, I learned to have control over my mind and body and had a new sense of self-patience. When I completed the Objectives, I was finally able to think for myself again. Then I reached the Life Skills courses. I was faced with my own mess I created and was about to confront it head on. I learned a lot about myself and began to be able to feel my heart and soul again. I can now confidently handle and confront any situation life presents me and I’m an honest, responsible member of society who enjoys life every day and participates in every aspect of life.

 - Anonymous


Jason Good

Public Secretary at Narconon Suncoast