Overcoming Cocaine

It started out as recreational, friends, drinking, trying cocaine, speed, along those lines. It never, in my opinion was an issue. I was using it on weekends, having fun, going out partying, I was still in college, I was doing well in college, I was a 3.8.

But the lifestyle choices that I was making were poor decisions. And what I mean by that is, is that every time I did something, it got a little worse. It got a little worse, it got a little worse. Suddenly, and now I’m really looking forward to on Tuesday, Friday night when I was going to go drinking and do lots of cocaine.

That’s when we, we started looking into treatment options, for me. And we found Narconon.

The New Life Detoxification Sauna Program is fantastic. I don’t know, I mean everybody should do it, not just people that come in through Narconon, the whole world should do it because, like you known, when I was using drugs, one of the things I, I remember was always having to, like sit and think about something, try to remember what was it, what was it. What was that, ‘cause I was so foggy. But after sauna, clarity, total clarity, like thoughts just came to me right like that.

It’s nice to just get up and not have to worry about anything other than, and know what my day is going to look like, know that I’m not doing something illegal. Know that you know, what I’m doing is helping other people and that I’m, you know, clean, you know, that’s, that’s a huge thing. Sounds simple but it’s really huge. It’s huge.

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